Chaayos, M-block market, GK-2, New Delhi

In a very small amount of time, Chaayos has become the favourite of chai lovers across India. Forget the chai lovers, even Kahwa and snacks lovers like me throng this outlet or order from the nearest one for our weekly dose of healthy snacks.

The interiors are comfortable here and the ambience is soothing. There are hanging pots of plants here and there are quirky quotes written on the walls. The association of the monsoon with chai and snacks is well elaborated here.

Here are a few dishes that I recently tried at this newly opened outlet :

Bun Maska : A perfect accompaniment to our desi chai, these are light on stomach and good to eat. The buns are well buttered and topped with sesame seeds and are soft and delicious.

Vada Pav : As tasty as it gets! The vadas are soft and flavourful – addition of ajwain or carom seeds making it more delectable. Somehoew the vadas are light on stomach. The pavs are lightly buttered and complement the vadas well.

Napoli Sandwich : Soft buttered breads enclosing well sautéed chopped mushrooms in a mixture of onions, black pepper and rosemary. This is a heavy one and is enough for a person.

Chicken Sicilian Sandwich : Similar to the Napoli sandwich, this one enclosed medium sized juicy chunks of chicken, which were heavily spiced with onions, tomatoes, black pepper, rosemary and thyme. Heavy and delicious to eat.

Kadhai paneer roll : Small cottage cheese cubes in a thick creamy gravy enclosed in a wrap. The addition of chopped onions and aloo bhujia made it an innovative snack. Though I wish for more salt and spices in it.

Butter chicken roll : Creamy small chunks of chicken in a tomato based gravy, accompanied with chopped onions and aloo bhujia and enclosed in a chewy wrap is a total chai time hit.

Banana Cake : Soft and spongy, this cake obviously has a prominent fragnance and flavour of banana alongwith subtle hints of vanilla. The resins make it more yummy and sweet.

Assorted pakodas : Onions, lentils, green chillies and vegetables – hot pakodas made of all this and served with their trademark fresh green ginger chutney. The pakodas had myriad flavours with the addition of ajwain (carom seeds), coriander and cumin seeds. A must try from their new menu.

Sab kuch chai : As the name suggests, it has many ingredients apart from the usual mil, sugar and tea leaves. The hot flavours of clove, black pepper, green cardomam and cinnamon make this a must try as snack.

Kulhad chai : This is served in a real kulhad and is as good as the one found in the nook and crannies of India. It is topped with saffron strands and tastes well of green cardomam.

Kahwa : This can get better with the addition of honey. Otherwise, it is soothing to senses and the presence of chopped almonds, saffron and green cardomam make the chai flavourful.


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