Fork with Stick, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

A small Chinese restaurant, located in the Galleria market, this one should be your next go to place if you want to have authentic Chinese cuisine and not the made up Indian version. You can place orders from here as well.

The ambience is beautiful and serene – comfortable red coloured sofas with colourful cutlery. The servers are courteous and the service is swift. On my recent visit to this place, I tried the following dishes :

Crispy corn with pepper : The corn was crispy and chewy but not spicy, which it should be because of pepper. The chopped vegetables : red, green and yellow bell peppers and spring onions, onions and garlic made this dish colourful and good to eat. And I could not taste pepper in it.





Crispy lamb with sweet bean sauce : Topped with chopped spring onions and sesame seeds, this was a delight to eat. The lamb was super crispy and chewy and the pungency was garlic and onions was minimal. The sweetness of the sauce was subtle here.


Chilli lotus stem : Again super crispy and slightly sweet. Not spicy though. The perfect blend of vinegar, garlic, onions and green capsicum gives tangy sweet taste to the dish.


Mongolian Mushroom : I love the Chinese preparations of mushrooms. The mushrooms here were made in sweet garlic sauce – the sweetness brought about by vinegar and soya sauce and were way too crispy. You would want to have them again and again.


Fish dry red chilli : You can actually see big dried red chillies accompanying the fish pieces. The fish was soft to the core and had a very thin crispy outer layer. It was very subtly spiced.



Shredded chicken in chilli oyster sauce : I never ever had a better shredded chicken. The chicken was so soft and tender – not chewy or crispy. And the sauce was fine and a bit spicy. The sweetness of soya sauce and vinegar will be there ofcourse.


Prawn chilli mustard : The prawn was chewy and heavily spiced with chopped garlic, bell peppers and onion, but I could not get any taste of mustard which has a very prominent flavour. The outer layer of the prawns was crispy and chewy. Good to eat.



Shwezwan chilli garlic rice : Very lightly spiced and devoid of salt, this went well with diced chicken in hot garlic sauce. It was not dry though.



Diced chicken in hot garlic sauce : Lovely preparation! The chicken were not fried over the top and were soft and tender. The hot garlic sauce was not hot according to Indian standards but still wonderful to eat. The prominence of garlic here is commendable. The sweetness of the sauce is well balanced.


I really wish that they should increase the salt content of their dishes to optimum levels because some of the dishes taste bland.

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