The Coco Company, Rodeo Drive, Malibu Town, Gurgaon

Situated in Rodeo Drive, far along Sohna road, it is a bit difficult to find. The outlet is small and can only seat three folks along a single table. It is basically meant for take aways and delivery.

The best part is that they make their pizzas and pastas in front of you and it is definitely a treat to watch it. The prices are very customer friendly – where will you get a thin crust pizza 9 inch under 200? And that too with taxes and in Gurgaon? Keep thinking….

 Here are a few dishes that I recently tried :

Chicken Herb Pizza : Thin crust pizza, which is freshly made can be a delight to pizza lovers. The base is rolled in front of you, and fresh tomato sauce and basil leaves are placed on it with the addition of juicy chicken in rosemary, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cubes, bell peppers and jalapenos. The chicken was supposed to be seasoned with rosemary but I could hardly get the string flavour of rosemary. The pizza came out to be good but I wish for more flavoours. The amount of red sauce was less, making the base a bit dry. Cheese was optimum which I loved. Bell peppers tasted good but felt as if they were cut hours ago.



Pesto creamy pasta : This is a highly recommended dish for this outlet. The sauce is made from fresh basil leaves and cream. The flavours are balanced – bitterness and creaminess not overpowering each other. The addition of blanched broccoli, carrots and mushrooms made it a delicacy. And let us not forget the shredded cheddar cheese on top. The best part is that they did not use cheese in the sauce, hence the dish was not very heavy. It tasted a bit salty though. The garlic bread was amazingly done. It was freshly made – soft, flowing with garlic and herbs and wonderful to taste!


Tiramisu : Less than average. The fine chocolate shavings on top make it delectable but the underlying coffee sponge layers are very bad. The sponge is leaving water making the whole dessert clumsy. Moreover the coffee was used excessively making it quite bitter.


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