Kebab Gali, Supermart 1, near DLF Galleria, Gurgaon

So Kebab Gali continues to scale new heights by launching more outlets. I have never been to any one of their outlets, though I ordered once from Malviya Nagar and found the food to be average. And just one order should not be the criteria to judge a whole franchise which has got famous for its yummy-to-the-core specialities.

What to say, I relished my short stay at this newly opened joint of Kebab Gali. Mughlai cuisine is one of my top favourites and I never ever leave a chance to not savour the delicacies a restaurant offers in this cuisine. So here is my take on the lovely items Kebab Gali offers :

Bharwa Aloo : Small roundels of potatoes enclosing a fine filling of peas and potatoes. The roundels were open from both sides and had a crispy crust and soft insides. They were sans salt and pretty average for me.

Masala Nimbu paani : Loved it! The tangy flavour of lemon and jal zeera and the added zing of soda made this a beauty. Very easy on the belly as well.


Veg Galouti : It tasted far from what a galouti tastes like. Made from lentils, it was okay in taste but hard in texture. The melt in the mouth feeling was not there at all. Guys, please use some raw papaya, it will definitely make this dish worth having.

Fish Tikka : The relief of eating a well made starter. The fish was moist, well laden with our Indian herbs and spices and grilled well. The slightly crispy exteriors made it for juicy interiors. The pungency of mustard can not be ruled out here. The salt content can be reduced here.

Dahi ke kebab : The masterpiece speciality of Kebab Gali. I savoured it for the first time and believe me, I was blown away by the balance of flavours here. The slightly crispy crust and the underlying softy creaminess of the kebabs, the sweetness of yoghurt balanced by the spiciness of the chopped green chillies – plethora of flavours. I could eat about ten of them without any dips. RECOMMENDED.

Paneer Tikka : Panner tikka has become a pretty boring dish and many outlets serve it raw and without any flavours. Innovation is needed here and Kebab Gali should be commended for dishing out food gasmic, yes guys, food gasmic Paneer Tikka. The exterior is well grilled and has a thin crispy layers and the insides are ohhh-so-soft. The cottage cheese cubes are smothered with the mixture of black pepper, grounded green chillies, chaat masala and ajwain. The earthy flavour of green chillies is quite prominent here and the occasional bite of ajwain adds an extra zing to it. RECOMMENDED.


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