Factory by Sutra, Sector 29, Gurgaon

In this age of cut throat competition in the food industry, the latest trend to emerge is the emergence of themed based restaurants. Sometimes you are disappointed by the themes and sometimes you are baffled by the dexterity with which the décor and the dishes are done.

Factory by Sutra is a microbrewery situated in sector 29, Gurgaon. The unplastered walls, the over hanging ropes, portraits of the 20th century factory workers and the round plates of factory workers justify the theme of this huge resto-bar.

Moving on to the items I tried :

Natwarlol : A lovely mocktail made up of crushed and strained pomegranates and apples and chaat masala, this is a must try if you love fresh and sweet flavours of fruits with the zingy flavour of chaat masala.


Kurkuri bhindi : A very innovative dish, I must say. Fine julliennes of lady finger or okra fried in gram flour and served with tartar sauce. The okra jullienes are way too crispy but some were quite thin and hence were a but burnt.


Delhi 6 : Our usual paani poori is well innovated here with the filling of another staple of India – bhel poori. Eat it and there is an explosion of so many flavours. The gol gappas are light, thin and airy; the bhel poori is crunchy, sweet and tangy and the sev in the bhel has a very fine quality. RECOMMENDED.

Chilli chicken pita pocket : Served with a sweet chilli sauce, this is an innovative fusion of the Bao and the pita pockets. The soft baos are shaped into pita pockets and filled with a lovely filling of chilli chicken. The small chunks of chicken were sweet as well as spicy in flavour and were ohhh-so-soft soft and chewy. Each and every bite was redolent with flavours. The sweetness of finely chopped onions and bell peppers was so prominent here that you will go gaga over it. I wish it was served with a different sauce as the served sauce had the same flavour as the pita filling.


Chicken dimsums : These will definitely transfer you into a long food coma. Topped with red chilli ppoweder and chopped coriander, the dimsums had a moist, soft and thin skin with a filling of finely minced chewy chicken. The dip served with these was way too hot and spicy – made up with milk, red chilli sauce, schezwan sauce and chicken broth. RECOMMENDED.


Laal maas pao : The fusion gets better here. This dish has the softest buns or paos you will ever taste – well buttered and not crumbling into chunks. The laal maas was exemplary – topped with the finest julliennes of ginger which gave their characteristic pungent flavour. The mutton was ohh-so-succulent and chewy and the gravy was spicy and thick. RECOMMENDED.


Fish in lemon butter sauce : The fish could have been grilled more as it was disintegrating and lacked a fine crust which is a characteristic of such dishes. The sauce was thick, had the lovely amalgamation of chopped garlic and parsley, but a bit salty and could have been thicker. Since lemon was squeezed over the fish, the saltiness in the sauce was enhanced.


Chocolate rum balls : What a dessert! The usual rum filled chocolate balls were mashed and the thick mixture was made into balls and coated with thick dark chocolate syrup and topped with white chocolate shavings. The balls were melt in the mouth, soft, gooey and had a bitter sweet taste. RECOMMENDED.


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