Asian Haus, East of Kailash, New Delhi

Asian Haus is one of the very few authentic Asian restaurants which strive to promote healthy living by making a conscious effort to reduce the use of artificial flavors, oils and sugars traditionally used in Asian cooking. By using imported products and sauces, they are able to ensure that the food retains its Asian authenticity. They are cautious about the hygiene factor and the dishes prepared are regularly monitored.

The menu has an exquisite range of preparations hitherto known and unknown and the freshness of the dishes to be delivered are well maintained. Their packaging is so darn good that you will be using a kitchen knife to move towards your food. No spillovers!

I think I should stop the trivialities of introducing a restaurant and move on to the outstanding delicacies that I had the opportunity to taste :

Pad Thai Noodles: Exquisite is the word for this dish. The noodles are slurpy with the delicateness of fresh spring onions, the crunchiness of peanuts, the chewy scrambled eggs and the sweetness and tanginess of soy sauce. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken cashew nut dimsums: Apart from the taste, I loved the packaging of the dimsums. Intricately packed in thick glazed paper covering, with least damage to the products inside, these dimsums were drenched in a light soy based sauce. The diaphanous rice flour skin was perfectly steamed – neither too soggy nor too chewy. The chicken filling was wholesome and fine in flavours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Non veg meal box: Very neatly packed with no spillovers, this is a complete Asian meal with salads, basil rice, firecracker chicken and dumplings. The firecracker chicken was exceptionally fiery due to the presence of whole red chillies with very fine juliennes of onions and garlic with the slight sweetness of bell peppers. The basil rice was a welcome change from the usual fried rice as it was flavourful and redolent with chopped vegetables. The dumplings were decadent to the core- thin and moist outer skin with a wholesome filling of chicken. RECOMMENDED.



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