Movenpick, M block market, G.K. 2, New Delhi

Ice creams for me mean dollops of creaminess with comparably lesser quantity of the actual flavours, after having fed on the Indian brands which believe in creaminess of the ice creams. But after having the famed ice creams from Movenpick, I would have to go back on my initial statements. Because if you really want to know what an actual ice cream should taste like, head over to Movenpick.

Movenpick employs the Swiss art of making ice cream which uses natural flavours with no added preservatives and colourings. And the use of Swiss cream with natural flavours is like the icing on a cake. The cream is wonderfully creamy and light. The joy of savouring the freshest cream combined with fruits and nuts is boundless. So here are a few flavours that I recently tasted:

Strawberry sorbet ice cream: If you like the flavour of real strawberries, then you will love the flavour of this one. The slightly tangy and sweet taste of strawberry is well defined here and these guys claim to use real fruits to get the desired degree of flavour. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Panna Cotta ice cream: Very light and creamy with subtle sweetness. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Maple walnut ice cream: The warmness of the thick maple syrup combined with nutty and chewy goodness of the walnuts will leave you spellbound. Expect a salty taste as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Crème brulle ice cream: Light and flavourful with good consistency. RECOMMENDED


Caramelita : Expect the sweetness and saltiness of the caramel in addition to the light creaminess of the ice cream. RECOMMENDED

Lemon and lime : Can you feel refreshed after gorging on an ice cream? Hell, yes! The subtle tanginess of this ice cream will remind you of freshest lemonades you have had. RECOMMENDED


Mango: If the sweetness of the mangoes was as pronounced here as the tanginess, this could have been a masterpiece.

Macaroon selection: They have a host of flavours in macaroons which are served along with Swiss cream topped with dark chocolate syrup. I tried their strawberry flavoured macaroons which enclosed caramel flavoured ice cream. This combination went pretty well – the subtle sweetness of the berries in the crunchy goodness of the macaroons combined with the salty and sweet flavours of the ice cream- explosion of flavours! The chocolate macaroons enclosing the chocolate ice cream was also fine. The Swiss cream served is worth mentioning here. The cream is so light and airy that it is hard to believe that you are having cream which is not heavy on your belly. RECOMMENDED


Pavlova: If you like the sweet sugar drops served in India i.e. batasha, you will like this one. The sugar shell is light and topped with strawberry syrup and served with any ice cream of your choice. The combination is pretty sweet but worth trying.


Chocolate Fondant: This has to be a sinful dessert. The fondant is delicately soft and when you cut it, viscous liquid chocolate flows out. The chocolate is the meanest dark chocolate you have ever had, so expect some gooey bitterness. And when served with a sweet and tangy strawberry ice cream, the rainfall of flavours is paradisiacal! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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