Talli chicken, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi

Sometimes, a name is all you require to get a hang of the place.
The brainchild of Sanchit Saxena, Talli chicken is there to win hearts and stay in for a long haul. Because the usual north Indian cuisine has atendency to get monotous, so these guys decided to experiment and explore with the existing flavours. The resultant dishes have baffled me and their names are there to coccupy your mind for a little while. So here are the items that I relished recently:
Yamla chicken tikka: Ever thought about the wonderful magic of ajwain or carom seeds on our usual chicken? This restaurant actually experimented with carom and the result is phenomenal! A strong aroma of ajwain engulfs you when you relish this appetizer. Add to this experience the smokiness of the chicken pieces, the earthy flavours of coriander and green chillies and the tanginess of yoghurt and are you in for a roll. However, the chicken pieces were dry and therefore difficult to eat.

Teekhu chicken: My low tolerance to spices is well known. So when I decided to try this snack, I was a bit hesitant. I specially ordered their wonderful home made dip so as not to hurt my taste buds. But I was pleasantly surprised to not experience any shocking scoville while relishing this. The thicker green chillies has been stripped of their flakes and hence the exploding chilly factor associated and were filled with a very fine mixture chicken minceand onions and fried in a chick pea batter. The thin skin of the chillies did impart a significant earthy spiciness but it was tolerable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paneer ke ande: Renaming the “Nargisi kofte” to what they should be actually called is never a bad idea. The soft balls made from a fine cottage cheese mince including the egg yolk in its core and doused in a spicy rich gravy is a combination few you shall be able to resist. The kofte are so soft and deliciously melt in the mouth with ahigh level of porosity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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