The twists and turns
Of the country roads
Beckon the traveller
The wanderer in countless souls

A left turn here
Or a right one there
For every turn
Brings a new light

The swaying trees
And the wide highways
Can not help watching the world
Go past by

The narrow hilly road
Or the rickety mountainous ones
Or those with the ocean on one side
And villages on the other

The waltzing peacocks
In the midst of mustard fields
And the exuberant sunflowers
Proudly showing their petals

A surprise shower
And the tip-tap of the drops
Wept by the screen wipers
Or enjoying their stay
On your helmets

The fluttering prayer flags
In multiple shades
On the Buddhist pagodas
And on the thunderous enfields

A roadside tea
To warm your insides
Or the spicy peanuts
For your rumbling bellies

The petrol pumps
To power your beasts
And the stalls selling
The helmets from Studd

And on these roads
My long hair flows
While I pose
With my Ray Bans on

For the road is my second home
And the road trips my life journey.

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