The plot gets dark and deep – The Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)

The second book of the beloved Throne of Glass series was heart-wrenching, baffling and thrilling, to say the least!

The Adarlan’s assassin comes into her true form in many a fight scenes and now we know, why she is feared all over the empire.

The Crown Prince was just another chocolate boy in the first book but his character development in this book is phenomenal. He has certain interesting secrets and I am definitely not going to divulge them here.

The Captain of the Guard is not his usual brooding self but quite different – no spoilers!

A major character dies and Sarah has shown the sense of loss associated with death very well. A character snaps very badly – the humanness of that moment is appalling!

The love story develops very well here but sadness still pervades.

The history of other kingdoms in Erilea is elaborated – communities such as Crochan Witches, Ironteeth, Wendlyn and the Fae are talked about in fascinating details.

The world-building is denser here but not overwhelming. There are many humorous moments as well.

There are many jaw-breaking revelations towards the end, so keep yourself away from the last pages.

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