Book review – book 4 of the Throne of Glass Series – The Queen of Shadows

The fourth book of the Throne of Glass series was a maelstrom of twists, turns, thrill and countless revelations. Not to forget the friendships forged and the secrets revealed.

The adorable wyvern continues its journey of fluffiness and its loyalty towards the Wing Leader of the Iron Teeth witches.

The Wing-Leader of the Iron Teeth witches is turning out to be the epitome of sass and feminism. She errs and she errs but she learns and how she learns! Unlike her initial introduction, she is turning out to be more honourable than what is expected from an Iron Teeth witch.

The Assassin continues to be unmindful of opposing opinions and distrustful of her closest allies. And her impulsiveness is at its peak when she finally meets the wing-leader of the Iron Teeth witches. But she continues to grow and learns to trust again.

The Wolf of the North is a breathe of fresh air in this book. While everyone is swooning at Rowan or even Chaol, Aedion is the character who actually talks about his feelings instead of getting miserable, repeatedly tries to offer a helping hand to a character who loves to work alone, is aware of the emotions and feelings of the people around him and tries his best to console them and actually tries to crack jokes. Although he discovers new secrets about him that are jaw-dropping.

I’m sincerely impressed by the new bad-ass ladies on the block now – Lysandra and Elide. Their history and cunning antics are good to read, and I’m looking forward to their character arcs in the succeeding books.

But wait, did I mention the broodiest characters ever? There seems to be a silent competition going on between the erstwhile Captain-of-the-Guard and the erstwhile blood-sworn-Fae-warrior-of-Queen-Maeve about who is more solemn, silent and broody. And miserable too!

It is sad to see the state of the Crown Prince. The cheerful and positive Prince is trying to break out but damn that smelly whatever! (I’m careful about the spoilers)

There are multiple plot twists in this book but the best one begins with this exchange:

“Hello Princeling”

“Hello Witchling”

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