Birdie Num Num, Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

With so many restaurants cropping up now and then, sometimes you really wish for a place which serves regional Indian cuisine. Of dishes and tastes unknown, you are eager to experience new flavours into your palette. Well, well, Birdie Num Num is your wish granted!

This fine dining restaurant will remind you of the eateries situated at beaches – subtle white and blue interiors and tropical themes. Their drinks are named after tropical and beach based paraphernalia and they do have an interesting range of cocktails. Moving on to food, here are the items that I relished :

Bhoot Jholokiya chilli cheese melt with tomato salsa : I am not very tolerant towards chillies and when it comes to bhoot jholokiya – imagine my plight! One bite was enough to inflame my senses – I was literally on fire! The chilli is so spicy that the sensation will reach your ears within seconds. The cheese used on the bread was lovely though – soft and warm but not too chewy.

Stuffed snakegourd with tamarind sauce : I do not like snakegourd (parval) when it is cooked at home, but here it was lovely. The snakegourd enclosed mashed potatoes which were lightly spiced, sweet and had roasted semolina on top. The presence of rai seeds made the potato mash delectable. The tamarind sauce was freshly made and has a thick consistency. RECOMMENDED.

Telangana Chilli chicken : High spiciness level. The use of green chillies in the presentation and in the spice mixture is commendable. The earthy spicy taste of green chillies is very prominent here. The chicken is succulent and chewy and they have also used lentils here. I wish the spices had penetrated to the insides as well.

Veg Appam best corn : In south India, Appam is made in various ways and here it was made into fine noodles and fried. On the fried base, a sweet spicy curry of sweet corn kernels was placed. The medley of tomatoes, finely chopped onions and sweet corn was a savoury treat!

Aloo momo newhari with duo of Gundruk : It is Darjeeling dish and I absolutely loved it! The aloo momos were a novelty for me – soft warm thin skinned momos enclosing finely cute potatoes, doused in creamy gravy containing local red chillies. The duo of Gundruk is actually a salad – containing finely chopped  dried raddish leaves, onions and carrots  are tasting chewy and lemony. The sourness of lemon is a bit overpowering here but who am I to complaint because I loved it! Moreover, the salad is said to cleanse the belly.

Veg ishtew with appam : The Kerala veg ishtew has become my favourite south Indian dish. The presence of coconut milk is divine here and talk about well sautéed French beans, peas and carrots. And there comes the fluffy rice flour based appam – soft and heavenly. RECOMMENDED.


Goan fish curry with Malabar Parontha : The lovely flavours of coconut, tomato and heavenly spices made the Goan curry sweet, spicy and tangy. The Malabr Parontha served here is a must try – multi layers which are crispy as well as fluffy.


Chicken Datchi/Veg Datchi : A Bhutanese dish and what a dish! The curry is made from a regional variety of cheese that the Bhutanese make and I must say the cheese is very different from our European counterparts. The curry is ohh-so-creamy and the chicken pieces are chewy and juicy and drenched with the cheesy gravy. The veg datchi is equally good – having the myriad flavour of cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, bakchoy and spinach leaves. Long grained steamed Basmati rice is served here which goes well with these two. RECOMMENDED.

Banana pate with chocolate sauce : Adorned with finely sliced almonds, banana and pomegranate seeds, this dessert was quite subtle. The smooth cake type dessert was made up of millets, jaggery and bananas and was subtly sweet and light.

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