My Kitchen Disasters – Part 2

So in my previous “kitchen disaster” special post ( ), I elaborated about my first time fruit-cutting episode. We will continue the story from there.

I eventually learned how to cut fruits & vegetables in the traditional way – holding the edible object in my left hand and using the right hand to dice, slice and chop in the horizontal direction.

The only problem was that it never felt right.

And those cookery shows by Sanjeev a Kapoor are to blame!

And my childhood nightmares consisted of naive tomatoes getting blasted while I used that technique! In reality, they always bursted. My mom and grandmother were able to do it – I always wondered whether they had some secret power that I didn’t possess.

So eventually and as always, I decided to take matters into my hands (quite literally) and used the chopping board at my grandma’s home to slice the salad tomato without a violent eruption, using the technique of Sanjeev Kapoor. I put the tomato on the board, using my right hand to vertically slice it and voila, the combined skill of my hand & the knife just glided through the poor vegetable.

That confidence of finally nailing the right cutting technique! Those bloody tomatoes asked for some dignity while getting martyred, they got it!

The best part about this cutting technique is that you avoid the pressure on your fingers and those horrendous slash marks on your thumb. But it is arduous to utilize it while slicing those stone hard orange carrots. I still ask my mom to do the honours as I’m not allowed to use the seemingly powerful chef’s knife which can ace through those stubborn carrots as a hot knife glides through butter.

After about 20 years, my thumb is still safe from those black knife marks and I use a knife on a daily basis.

The best part is that I get to make fun of my sister who uses the traditional technique, thereby taking a decade to cut bell pepper rings.
And don’t even get me started on onions! It is treat to watch her while she struggles through her eyes and palms while I dance joyously in maddening overconfidence.

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