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Artusi Ristorante,Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

If there is one cuisine I can have any time, anywhere, it is Italian. A cheese drenched and creamy dish with a glass of red wine – my my, the evening is set.

Artusi is a luxurious fine dine Italian restaurant located in One Horizon Centre. The decor is classical European with intricate chandeliers carrying mini candles hanging down from the top. The background music is mostly from Godfather and the paintings on the wall delicately beckon the art connoisseurs.

Artusi is well known for their authentic ingredients and freshly prepared hand made pasta. What could be more delightful than having Italian dishes straight from the kitchens of Italian moms!

Shrimp cocktail: Hats off to the presentation! The juicy shrimps lathered in pink cocktail sauce (Salsa Rosa), enveloped in a lettuce leaf and are served in a Martini glass. The sauce lends its creaminess and tanginess to the delicate shrimps.


Burrata: So heavenly creamy! This fresh cheese was served with a crunchy toasted bread, plump cherry tomatoes and basil pesto sauce – a very light yet fulfilling appetiser.


Torino di Pori: More cheese! The quiche or the cheese and leeks filled tart is creamy and has a crumbly texture. The Gorgonzola cheese adds more depth to this dish by lending its heavy buttery consistency.


Cappelletti with mushroom: The minute delicate pasta pockets are indeed a sight to marvel at. And when they are filled with cheese and served with juicy mushrooms – Mama Mia!


Paglia e Fieno: The finely prepared angel hair pasta – yellow and green colour – is artistically served in a tomato based creamy sauce with succulent mushrooms. The ensemble is very flavourful and slurpy.


Tiramisu: I never ever had a better version of Tiramisu! The mascarpone cheese is so light, fluffy, airy and creamy and the sponge layer soaked in brandy and coffee is pretty thin. Do not forget to try this dessert.


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Le Pain Quotidian, BKC, Mumbai

An Italian setting with relaxed wooden interiors, peaceful surroundings, slow French music in the background and a lovely authentic Italian menu is what this place stands for.


They have a range of lip smacking subtle dishes and delicate imported wines.

Chicken cob salad: Medium thick slices of soft grilled chicken served with chewy bacon, boiled eggs, fresh yet soft lettuce, cucumbers and crunchy bell peppers and topped with mushy parmesan cheese and a tangy dressing is enticing.IMG_20170301_130114Lemon chicken: Heavenly! Why I never tasted this masterpiece at any Italian restaurant in Delhi NCR? The chicken is so soft and juicy that it can be easily teared down with bare hands. The rice pilaf is perfectly blossomed and is flavourful because of the perfect tahini. The roast gravy is again tangy but thick. The grilled vegetables are chewy and moist.


Red wine sangria: This one is made from the classy M.A.N. family red wine and is perfect in taste and texture. Though I would expect more fruits apart from an apple slice.


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Wendy’s, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Many amongst the burger lovers crave light burgers and sometimes, their specific demand is not met. For such situations, the outlets from Wendy’s are there to serve the lightest burgers and that too with customized Indian flavours.

Wendy’s India has recently launched its new menu and some usual favourites are there with a revamped taste. The addition of Grover Zampa and United Breweries to serve red and white wine and Kingfisher Ultra and Lager Beer is commendable and the affordability of the items will attract the students as well.

So on my recent visit to their Cyber Hub outlet, I relished the following:

Classic chicken burger: A light burger is what I desire when I want to fill my belly without feeling too guilty. This one has a well grilled patty with the crunchiness maintained with the goodness of jalapenos and tomatoes and the sweetness of sauce.


Ultimate Paneer Burger: First of all, the buns are flavoured with turmeric and sealed with a secret recipe of Wendy’s resulting in subtle soft buns. The pane patty is wonderfully created: mashed paneer with mashed potatoes as the binding agent and formed into a lean patty and fried to crispy goodness. The mustard sauce adds the necessary depth because of its pungency. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Railway Cutlet: The ubiquitous snack for Indians is renewed by Wendy’s by presenting it in a wrap. The cutlet is grilled to crunchy perfection with soft insides. The warm cheese adorning the cutlet is viscous and adds depth to an already perfect dish. The wrap is chewy and hot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Baconater: Flavoured buns enclosing a soft juicy patty enmeshed by chewy bacon strips. The bacon is darn good with its juices retained. Wendy’s believe in fresh bacon and they have a special vendor here for supplying the same. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Spicy aloo crunch: Expect spiciness and other wordly crispiness here. But the oiliness mars the whole experience. Nonetheless, the crispy skin and the extra earthly spice of green chilies and coriander will appeal the ardent spice lovers. RECOMMENDED.


Falafel shots: Light crispy chunks of falafel having a fine mixture sans salt is a nice little accompaniment to your heavy lunches. RECOMMENDED.


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