Mountain kitties

Even the mountain feline sits in aweOf the towering HimalayasOr was it a common raven?Alas I will never knowFor I was vigorously zoomingTo capture this precious moment!

Corn village

The corn village or rather Sainji village, is a traveler’s delight near Mussoorie. The villagers/farmers hang these corn cobs on their open courtyards and balconies to dry them out. Picture taken in 2018, please travel responsibly and safely.

Corn village shots

For the real India 🇮🇳 resides in it’s villages.Happy Republic Day everyone!

Travel musings

Is recreational travel really that important during a raging pandemic? Warning: Before you blatantly pass judgements on me, this is an old travel picture taken 2 years back and I haven’t travelled to any destination since January 2020. Forget travel, I have not even gone to a cafe/restaurant since the cases in India started growing…